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New technology creation for business development and cash generation


LTB Engineering specializes in the creation and deployment of disruptive and radical technology to allow technology based American companies to thrive economically.    


We believe it is the disruptive, transforming, radical innovations that will propel the American technology based company to prominence and economic success.  The incremental, low return product improvements are quickly becoming the province of offshore manufacturers.  Offshore companies are adept at incremental improvements and they can implement them at far less cost.  It is by upsetting/disrupting the technology base that American companies can change the playing field to their advantage.


LTB Engineering is a unique research & development team of considerable experience and breadth, responsible for the release of hundreds of new, commercially successful products.  Although extremely well versed in the fundamentals of physics, materials and engineering we are fierce proponents of the invention and discovery of fundamentally different methods to address customer needs, wants and expectations. Most of our projects result in patents.


Our creativity, utilized to leverage a client's existing technical resources result in products that are superior, unique and differentiated from the competition.  The client achieves improved profitability, new business opportunity, product prestige, visibility and financial vitality. 


LTB Engineering, PC
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