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We believe firmly that the single best activity to ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of this country is the education and motivation of our children.  Since we are engineers, well, we teach engineering!  When children’s creative engineering ideas are solicited and applauded, the basis for extraordinary learning and creation is founded.  We think that there is simply nothing more fun than dreaming up neat stuff and building it to see what happens.   Children are naturally far better at this than us, so it is always a mutual learning experience.

The following presentations, lecture notes, designs, etc. stem from work with the local school system and the compilation of various science activities and projects.  One special function is the ‘Lunch and Learn’ sponsored by the local school enrichment coordinator.  This gives us access to the most motivated and brightest students.  Hopefully the children recognize how much fun we have at engineering, and they will consider a wonderfully rewarding career in technology.

Please feel free to use any of the materials for teaching and motivation.  Share with us some of your experiences as well!




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Reaction Rocket Car

PowerPoint Presentation, 853 kB

The Reaction Rocket Car project was conducted as a Lunch and Learn series for the third graders at the F.E. Bellows School during the spring of 2006.  The participants were challenged to design and build a functional rocket car sufficient to propel them one at a time.  Fundamentals of reaction physics, pressure, hydrostatics, creativity, design and construction were stressed.  And, yes, it really worked!

Physics Day


PowerPoint Presentation, 4,286 kB


Physics Day at the Rye Neck Middle School was conducted for the 5th graders.  In 6th grade, physics is presented as the primary science, so this served as an introduction, and an opportunity to get them excited.  This presentation was one of several,  and our intent was to illustrate the relationship of engineering to physics.  Our concentration was  on invention and innovation.  It was conducted interactively with lively involvement of the students; the auditorium was electric with creative methods for ‘How to Cook an Egg’!



PDF File, 765 kB


Trebuchets were used as assault engines in ancient times.  They are also wonderful vehicles for teaching about the physics of mechanics, and for having a whale of a lot of fun.  This trebuchet was the subject of a third grade science fair entry.  The principles of energy, work, efficiency and the potential and kinetic forms of energy are readily taught.